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Revitalizing a Direct-to-Consumer Brand using Amazon paid media and Google Performance Max

Yoga Crow, a direct-to-consumer apparel brand, approached bauer/DIGITAL seeking assistance in revitalizing their sales and advertising performance.

The brand had weathered the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic but found itself grappling with suboptimal sales volumes, elevated advertising costs, and diminishing return on ad spend (ROAS).

Their presence on Amazon faced high Advertising Cost of Sale (ACOS), hindering profitability, while their Shopify-based website struggled to attract qualified traffic and convert visitors into customers effectively.

Recognizing the brand's multi-channel sales strategy, we devised a two-pronged approach using paid media campaigns.

On Amazon, we optimized paid advertising initiatives, leveraging data-driven strategies to boost sales while reducing ACOS concurrently.
In parallel, we implemented a Google Performance Max campaign, funneling highly qualified traffic to Yoga Crow's website.

This strategy aimed to deliver quick turnaround to reignite sales momentum, reestablish strong ROAS, and position the brand for sustained growth in the competitive direct-to-consumer market.


Website revenue for DTC dramatically increased.

The results were remarkable. In the fall of 2023, compared to the same period in 2022, Yoga Crow's website performance improved dramatically:

  • Orders increased by 209%,

  • Gross sales surged by 312%, and

  • Net sales soared by 288%.


These impressive year-over-year gains demonstrated the effectiveness of bauer/DIGITAL's multi-channel approach, revitalizing the brand's online presence and driving significant revenue growth.

Amazon sales increased and ROAS improved.

On Amazon, we optimized paid advertising initiatives, leveraging data-driven strategies to boost sales while reducing ACOS concurrently.

In May 2022, Yoga Crow's Amazon advertising exhibited an alarmingly high ACOS of 78%, with a ROAS of just 1.28.
However, through campaign optimization and strategic adjustments, bauer/DIGITAL's efforts paid dividends.

By December 2023, during the fiercely competitive holiday shopping season, Yoga Crow's ACOS had stabilized around 41%, while their ROAS soared to an impressive 2.46.

The turnaround in Yoga Crow's Amazon advertising performance was driven by our hands-on approach to keyword optimization.

Rather than relying solely on automated AI platforms, an experienced Amazon media specialist conducted a meticulous review of every keyword in the campaigns. This process identified and eliminated a significant number of unprofitable, irrelevant "garbage" keywords that had been inadvertently added, diluting the advertising budget and hindering overall profitability.

This manual, human-driven keyword curation played a pivotal role in slashing the elevated ACOS and boosting ROAS to impressive heights.

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