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Revitalizing a Direct-to-Consumer Brand using Amazon paid media and Google Performance Max, a small brick-and-mortar retailer with an accompanying WordPress-based e-commerce website, found itself in a precarious situation. The site had been neglected by the previous service provider, leading to a suboptimal online presence and missed opportunities. Recognizing the need for a comprehensive overhaul, enlisted the expertise of bauer/DIGITAL to breathe new life into their digital storefront.

bauer/DIGITAL's approach was multi-faceted, addressing both technical and content-driven aspects of the website.
First, we optimized the WordPress installation for speed, ensuring a seamless user experience and adherence to modern web standards.


However, the true game-changer came through in-depth keyword research, which unveiled previously untapped opportunities to capture high-intent, product-focused search traffic. Armed with these insights, bauer/DIGITAL meticulously optimized product descriptions and other critical areas of the site, aligning content with the keywords and phrases that resonated most with's target audience.


Wordpress Speed Optimization and Focus on Keywords

In the summer of 2023, bauer/DIGITAL optimized the WordPress website for speed, laying the groundwork for improved performance. However, a dramatic uptick in both impressions and position can be observed starting in late October 2023. This correlates with the implementation of extensive SEO work, including in-depth keyword research and optimization of product descriptions to align with high-intent, commercially-relevant search terms.


The image illustrates the substantial impact of this content optimization strategy. The average position metric shows the site climbing the rankings, closing in on the coveted top positions for its targeted keywords. This catalyzed's online presence, unlocking valuable organic search traffic and associated revenue opportunities.

SEO case study ecommerce

Optimizing Product Descriptions Leads to 88% Increase in Sales

The impact of this singular optimization is remarkable. The average position skyrockets from depths around 100 to firmly land in the coveted top 10 results, even breaching the top 5 positions at certain points. This dramatic ascent illustrates the power of strategic keyword research and meticulous content optimization.

By aligning the on-page factors with the specific high-value, commercial keyword, bauer/DIGITAL effectively elevated's visibility and relevance in the eyes of search engines. This strategic strike transformed an obscure, powerless ranking into a prominent, traffic-driving position that puts the brand's products front and center for motivated buyers.

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