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LinkedIn Algorithm Changed: How to Maximize Your Reach

My friend Premsanth Rajamani had recently a very profound experience on LinkedIn. he experienced a dramatic increase of impressions on one of his posts that turned his day upside down. While he is someone that has been sharing content on a regular basis on LinkedIn the exposure of one of his posts was on a total different level. What happened?

LinkedIn, the leading professional networking platform, recently made significant updates to its algorithm, resulting in changes to the way content is distributed on the platform. These changes have a direct impact on how your posts are seen by your followers and the overall reach of your content. In this article, we will explore the key changes in LinkedIn's algorithm and provide insights on how you can maximize your reach and engagement.

The Motivation Behind LinkedIn's Algorithm Changes

LinkedIn has experienced a surge in activity over the past few years, with a significant increase in content shared and viewed. However, this increase also brought about some challenges. Users started sharing personal content, such as selfies and family photos, which led to complaints from users who were looking for more professional and informative content.

LinkedIn feed content
There were a few attempts to improve the LinkedIn feed content

To address these concerns, LinkedIn aimed to make its feed more relevant and informative, focusing on content that provides knowledge and advice to its users. By doing so, LinkedIn aimed to help its members be more productive and successful, ultimately reducing complaints about irrelevant content on the platform.

The Two Major Changes in LinkedIn's Feed

LinkedIn's algorithm changes can be summarized into two main points:

  1. Increased Visibility for Your Posts: LinkedIn now prioritizes showing your posts to your followers. Users have expressed that they find content most valuable when it comes from people they know and care about. As a result, LinkedIn has seen a 10% increase in people viewing posts from those they follow.

  2. Priority for "Knowledge and Advice": Posts that share knowledge and advice are now prioritized throughout the platform. LinkedIn's algorithm evaluates whether a post contains valuable information and then shows it to users who are likely to find the content relevant and useful. Since implementing this change, LinkedIn has witnessed a nearly 40% increase in users viewing content from people outside their network.

Identifying "Knowledge and Advice" on LinkedIn

LinkedIn's algorithm determines whether a post contains genuine knowledge and advice using various factors. While the exact metrics are not disclosed, LinkedIn's algorithm focuses on the following aspects:

  1. Distinct Audience: Each piece of content has its own target audience. LinkedIn evaluates whether the post speaks to a specific group of people and determines its relevance based on that audience. To reach the right audience, creators are encouraged to think about the knowledge they have to offer and how it can help people within a specific community.

  2. Author's Expertise: LinkedIn took a note on Google's E.A.T. and evaluates the author's core subject area when assessing the value of a post. The platform leverages the professional profile of record to ensure that content is being delivered by experts in their respective fields. This means that if an author lacks expertise in a particular topic, their content may not be considered high-quality or relevant.

  3. Meaningful Comments: Instead of simply boosting posts with a high number of comments, LinkedIn now rewards posts with meaningful comments. The platform looks for comments that engage with and respond to the content rather than generic, empty remarks. LinkedIn also takes into account the profile and relevance of the commenters. For example, if professionals from a specific industry engage with a post related to their field, it is seen as a positive signal.

  4. Perspective: LinkedIn appreciates content creators who offer their unique perspective and insights. Posts that provide a personal viewpoint and share opinions and advice are considered more valuable. By showcasing your personality and taking creative liberty, you can increase the likelihood of your content resonating with the target audience.

What Success Looks Like on LinkedIn

LinkedIn encourages users to shift their focus from simply gaining likes and followers to reaching the right people with their content. While likes and followers can contribute to brand-building and potential business opportunities, the true measure of success on LinkedIn lies in reaching the audience that will find your content valuable. LinkedIn's system does not prioritize virality. Instead, it aims to create a digital workplace environment where relevant conversations are tailored to specific teams and individuals. Just as not every discussion is relevant to every person in an office, not every piece of content should be relevant to every LinkedIn user. With the recent changes to LinkedIn's algorithm, it is essential to adapt your content strategy to maximize your reach and engagement. By focusing on sharing "knowledge and advice," you can increase the visibility of your posts and reach a broader audience. Remember to consider your distinct audience, leverage your expertise, encourage meaningful comments, and offer a unique perspective to make the most of LinkedIn's algorithm changes. Embrace this opportunity to position yourself as a thought leader in your industry and connect with the right people on the platform.


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