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Unlocking Email Marketing's Potential: Some Compelling Stats Brands Should Know

Email marketing remains one of the most efficient channels for engaging customers and driving conversions. These compelling stats reveal how brands can optimize campaigns and maximize results.

Personalization Dramatically Lifts Engagement

  • Emails with personalized titles have 26% higher click rates. Incorporating names and recent purchases can boost open rates.

  • Personalized content nurtures connections by making subscribers feel valued. Segmented/personalized emails drive 58% of all revenue (Omnisend).

Optimize for Mobile to Reach Nearly Half of Users

  • 49% of users open emails on mobile devices. Yet 1 in 5 emails are not mobile-optimized, hurting conversion rates.

  • Thorough testing ensures responsive design and an excellent experience on any device. Mobile readiness expands your reach.

Email Marketing ROI Leaves Other Channels in the Dust

  • Email marketing ROI can reach 4200%, exceeding most other marketing channels (DMA). It remains extremely cost-effective at scale.

  • A/B testing improves ROI by 28%, optimizing future campaign performance. Leverage built-in testing tools.

Benchmark Open Rates to Gauge Engagement

  • Average open rates across industries are around 17.6%. A 20% open rate is above average. Weekend rates hit 25% (Campaign Monitor).

  • Success factors: personalization, testing, analyzing metrics, and optimizing for mobile users.

Global Email Usage Remains Strong

  • 347 billion emails sent/received daily shows email's widespread impact. 61% prefer email contact from brands.

  • 47% of emails are opened or discarded based on the subject line. Optimization is key.

Email Drives eCommerce Revenue and Conversions

  • Email contributed $230 million in purchases for top brands in one quarter. Abandoned cart emails drove over $50 million (Listrak).

  • 68% of millennials say emails influence purchasing. Email conversion rates grew 70% YoY (Mailchimp).

  • Strategic email recaptures lost sales opportunities. Automated emails drive 760% more revenue than blasts (Omnisend).

Savvy marketers are leveraging email's potential to engage customers and drive measurable business impact. Follow these best practices to ensure your campaigns stand out and spur action.


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