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New Digital Marketing Approach Grows Branding and Sales for
Specialty Food Company

Arla sought to strengthen their collective brand presence in the US. After an in-depth review of existing initiatives and assets we decided to realigning their fragmented digital marketing. With inconsistent web platforms and minimal social media, their were not streamlined to manage growth for a large market like the US.


Grew Brand Visibility in Key US Market with Aligned Digital

We implemented a unified website system for centralized content management. 

Social strategies and email nurturing improved engagement. Strategic paid media expanded reach. Services leveraged included:

  • Email marketing to build and nurture subscriber base

  • Social media management with tailored US content

  • Content strategy and production of recipes and blog posts

  • Digital promotions like contests and sweepstakes

  • Regional and national paid ad campaigns

Dofino Sweepstakes Promotion


  • 53.7% region sales increase, year-over-year

  • 10.6% national sales increase, year-over-year

  • 247% increase in branded online searches

  • 9M impressions on digital banner advertising

  • 1.5M impressions on digital radio

With aligned digital strategies and assets, Arla bolstered branding in a key market. Unified content and expanded audience outreach established them as an authority in specialty dairy.

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