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Advertise in the Moment of Listening

Spotify's engaged users present a prime opportunity for brands. When streaming music, listeners are absorbed in the experience, leaning into your message.

Spotify Audio and Podcast Campaigns

Spotify Advertising Campaigns

Our audio ads play in the moment of listening when attention is active. Whether relaxing at home or commuting to work, Spotify users seldom skip or abandon the audio. We help craft ads that feel native to the platform using striking creative that resonates. Forge a connection by telling your brand's story through the power of sound. Meet your audience where Spotify already has them engaged.

Poscast advertsing

Spotify Targeting Focuses Your Listeners' Context

Spotify Targeting

Spotify grants advertisers extensive options to reach the right listeners based on demographics, interests, and real-time listening behaviors.

We target specific age groups, genders, locations, music genres, and podcast topics relevant to your brand. Spotify also enables contextual targeting to serve ads in environments where listeners are most receptive, whether partying or cooking dinner. We optimize spending to efficiently engage users who exhibit behavioral signals correlated to product affinity.


With striking audio crafted for the streaming experience, Spotify provides the tools to pinpoint your audience and make an impact when they are leaning into listening.

Spotify Targeting capabilities
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