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Optimizing the User Experience for an Investment Newsletter

Datatrek provides market insights to international investors through their newsletter. Their existing website suffered from performance and technical issues that hindered user experience.


A slow website increases bounce rates and hurts conversion rates, as users abandon a lagging site. We optimized their WordPress site for faster page load times by refactoring templates and upgrading hosting. Hardening security made the site more resistant to attacks. On-site enhancements improved SEO.


Dramatically  Improved  Wordpress Performance

The impact:


  • Faster load times improved user experience

  • Improved SEO is driving more organic subscriptions 

  • Hardened security ensured site stability

  • Optimization increased engagement and renewals


With a streamlined, high-performing website, Datatrek could more effectively deliver market analysis to global subscribers. Optimizing their digital presence fueled continued growth.

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