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Reach Your Target Audience with OTT / Streaming TV Advertising

Reach audiences beyond traditional TV with OTT advertising. OTT (over-the-top) ads target viewers through internet-connected devices like smart TVs, gaming consoles, and streaming platforms. OTT enables you to engage cord-cutters, cord-nevers, and streaming content fans.
Discover the potential of OTT ads to complement your multi-channel campaigns.

OTT marketing on X-Box
OTT marketing on Play Station
OTT marketing on Apple TV
OTT marketing on Roku
OTT marketing on Fire TV

Expand your reach as viewers move beyond traditional TV. OTT campaigns engage streaming audiences across devices.

OTT complements connected TV (CTV) advertising which targets viewers through internet-enabled TVs. Using OTT and CTV together provides a 360-degree approach to reach streaming audiences across devices and platforms.


Our OTT campaign experts help you execute high-impact campaigns through premium publishers and targeted programmatic buying. Let us develop an OTT strategy tailored for your brand and audience.

OTT advertising refers to ads delivered through internet-connected devices, bypassing broadcast television. This allows you to engage audiences who opt for on-demand and live streaming content.


OTT advertising platforms include:


  • Smart TVs

  • Streaming boxes and sticks like Roku and Amazon Fire TV

  • Gaming consoles such as Xbox and PlayStation 

  • Mobile devices


Using OTT campaigns, you can target viewers based on their content preferences rather than broadly-defined demographics. You also gain transparency into performance through advanced analytics.

OTT Channels and CTV explained


✔  Interest Targeting

✔  Socio-Demo Targeting

✔  Geo Targeting

✔  Retargeting

✔  Email Targeting


✔  Hosting

✔  Compression & Resampling

✔  A/B Testing


✔  Delivery Reporting

✔  Performance Measurement

✔  Tracking (Google Analytics, MMPs, Pixel)

✔  Forecasting


✔  Streaming Apps

✔  TV Channels

✔  Live Sports

✔  Live Shows & Movies


✔  Automatic Bidding

✔  Manual Bidding

✔  Frequency Capping


✔  OTT Campaign Management

✔  OTT Campaign Optimization

✔  OTT Camapaign Insights

What is Included in Our OTT Campaigns

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