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Top Cannabis Marketing Agencies Embrace Martech in 2024

The cannabis industry continues to grow and evolve, with more states legalizing medical and recreational marijuana every year. As competition heats up, cannabis brands and dispensaries are turning to innovative marketing strategies and technologies to stand out and attract customers. 

Top Cannabis Marketing Agencies Embrace Martech

In 2024, the top cannabis marketing agencies are increasingly leveraging martech - marketing technology - to optimize campaigns, personalize messaging, and drive measurable results. By combining data, automation, and AI-powered tools, these agencies are helping clients navigate a complex and highly regulated industry.

Data-Driven Audience Targeting for Cannabis Campaigns

One key area where martech is making an impact is audience targeting and segmentation. Leading cannabis marketing agencies like MediaJel and Surfside provide end-to-end solutions that aggregate first-party customer data across touchpoints. This allows brands to better understand their customers and deliver hyper-targeted advertising.

Surfside's customer data platform, for example, enables dispensaries to find and attract qualified consumers through monetization of their audiences. By leveraging data on location, orders, brands, and product categories, retailers can target the right person with the right message at the right time.

Personalized Omnichannel Campaigns 

With a wealth of customer data and insights, cannabis marketers can create highly personalized campaigns across channels. Martech tools allow dynamic content and product recommendations based on a customer's demographics, preferences, and purchase history.

For example, Springbig, a leading CRM and loyalty platform, helps dispensaries engage customers through targeted text messages, customized rewards programs, and seamless integrations with e-commerce and POS systems like Dutchie, Blaze, and Dispense. This type of tailored approach boosts retention, conversion rates, and customer lifetime value.

Compliance and Reporting Automation

Another major benefit of martech for cannabis companies is the ability to automate complex compliance processes and reporting. Purpose-built software ensures that all marketing and advertising activities adhere to state-by-state regulations. 

Flowhub, a top cannabis retail management platform, provides easy integrations with popular CRM and loyalty providers while maintaining compliance. Its open API enables dispensaries to submit required reports to state regulators and gain valuable operational insights - all from one central hub.

OTT Advertising for Cannabis Brands

Over-the-top (OTT) advertising, which includes ads delivered through streaming services like Hulu and Roku, is an emerging opportunity for cannabis marketers to reach engaged audiences. OTT ads allow precise targeting based on demographics, interests, and behaviors.

To make the most of OTT campaigns, cannabis brands are leveraging data and insights from CRM platforms like Alpine IQ and SpringBig, e-commerce solutions like Dutchie and Blaze, and analytics tools like Happy Cabbage, Headset, and New Frontier Data. By combining rich customer data with the immersive experience of OTT ads, marketers can tell compelling brand stories and drive measurable results.

The Future of Cannabis Marketing

As more states legalize cannabis, and the industry matures, marketing will only become more data-driven and technology-powered. Agencies that embrace martech now will have a significant advantage in helping clients build strong brands, engage customers, and grow market share.  

From AI-optimized campaigns to personalized mobile experiences, the possibilities are endless. But the core principles remain the same - understanding your audience, delivering value, building trust and loyalty. The agencies and brands that can leverage martech to excel in these areas will lead the pack in 2024 and beyond.

Is your cannabis dispensary or brand looking to level up your marketing strategy this year? Our agency specializes in implementing cutting-edge martech solutions and cannabis campaigns to help you reach more customers and drive revenue. Contact us today to learn more!


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