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Amazon Sponsored Proucts campaigns
Bing Paid Media campaigns
Spotify podcast campaigns
Google Performance Max campaigns
LinkedIn Lead Generation B2B Campaigns
Meta and Facebook ads
Quora paid marketing campaigns
Instagram ads

Paid Media Campaigns

Paid media campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. Google Search Ads, YouTube, Bing, Quora, B2B LinkedIn campaigns. Programmatic Display Campaigns.

Managed monthly. On budget. Efficient. Turnkey.

Search Engine Optimization

Want to outrank your competitors and own the first page of search results? Our SEO strategies combine proprietary competitor benchmarking, technical website optimizations, targeted link building, and strategic content creation to boost your visibility and traffic.
We perform in-depth keyword research and usage analysis so you rank for the terms that matter most to your business. We build natural links from authoritative domains to increase relevance.

B2B Marketing

We engage your ideal accounts through proven B2B marketing strategies that accelerate sales cycles and drive revenue. Our capabilities span outbound campaigns, ABM, CRM optimization, and targeted paid media outreach.

We reach decision-makers across multiple touchpoints, keeping your brand top of mind during active buying cycles. With our omni-channel approach, we create interest, build authority, and efficiently convert high-value accounts into customers. 

B2B marketing channels
OTT on xbox
OTT Playstation
OTT Apple TV
OTT with Roku
OTT on Fire TV

Streaming TV  &
OTT Media Campaigns

Streaming TV and online video ads.
Scale your reach across world-class content. 
Share your brand message with unique and relevant audiences on Fire TV, Roku, Apple TV, X-Box and Play Stations.

Website Design & Development

We craft custom WordPress, Shopify, Drupal, Wix, and Squarespace sites optimized for your target users and business objectives. We incorporate proven UI/UX principles, responsive mobile-ready design, and strategic integrations to showcase your brand and products to their best advantage.
We deliver seamless integrations, speed optimizations, and security – so you can focus on running your business.

website design and development


Accelerate your business growth utilizing a comprehensive suite of digital capabilities.

For Amazon Sellers we optimize their eCommerce presence to sell more effectively on the platform. Our services include content production, listings enhancement, advertising, and overall marketplace management.

Amazon Seller Services

Amazon Seller Central Services

"Boris has advised me not only on my web presence, but also on my overall sales & marketing approach both here in Germany and in the U.S. In fact, I reach out to Boris on a regular basis concerning my business model. Boris listens very carefully, reflects before he makes a recommendation, and always has my best interest at heart. You’ll sense all of these strengths in your first conversation with Boris.”


John Magee

"Boris is a tireless generator of business insights who understands both the emotional and quantitative sides of the Internet game. His synthesizing intelligence allows him to make connections that other people can’t see, and more uniquely, translate them into successful product and service ideas. I personally had the privilege of observing how Boris’ positive leadership, industry knowledge and commitment to excellence transformed an entire organization and its bottom line. This man loves what he does.”


Scott McDonald

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Expert-Led Digital Marketing Solutions for Your Business

Guided by German engineering principles - a commitment to exceptional quality, open communication and dependability - bauer/DIGITAL brings together a curated team of seasoned digital marketing practitioners to make Fortune 500-level expertise accessible to organizations of all sizes.

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